About QRC

Quenching Research Centre (QRC) has been established at the beginning of 2010 by the financial support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, of the Republic of Croatia, as a national centre of excellence.
QRC is part of the Department of Materials of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zagreb, and is supported by other laboratories for: heat treatment and surface engineering, chemical composition analysis, microstructural analysis, spectroscopy, mechanical properties testing, wear resistance testing, dilatometry, and corrosion testing.

Investigation and research possibilities of the QRC:

  • cooling in three different kinds of quenchants: liquids, salt bath and high pressure gases by unique facilities.
  • measuring of cooling curves and evaluation of heat transfer data at quenching (heat flux density; heat transfer coefficient) of real axially-symetric engineering components with a cylindrical probe of 50 mm Dia. x 200 mm, having three thermocouples, by applying the Temperature Gradient Method.
  • modelling of microstructure transformations, quench hardness distribution, residual stresses and distortions.
  • establishing the data bases of quenching intensities for different quenchants.
  • developing and application of new quenching techniques.
  • developing of the method for hardenability measurement of gas quenched steels and establishing the data base.

Other services:

  • Selection of the optimal quenchant and quenching conditions for defined workpieces.
  • Testing of new, improved, or used quenchants under different quenching conditions, based on the method used for real workpieces.
  • Based on CFD analysis in real conditions, to improve existing or design new quenching equipment.

Educational activities of the QRC:

  • Individual education and possibility to work on Ph.D. at the doctoral study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb
  • Postdoctoral research – provided the applicant has relevant financial support.
  • Organization of specialized courses, summer school and seminars.

QRC is open for international collaboration with interested companies and institutions world wide.

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