Computer System for Selection of Quenching Condition and Prediction of Hardness (QPP)

Selected quenchant and quenching conditions, as well as shape and size of treated part and its hardenability, are the basic elements for determination of hardness distribution on the cross section of the part after quenching. There are many different quenchants as well as the combinations of quenching conditions – i.e. bath temperature, agitation rate or concentration of polymer solutions. The method described gives the possibilities of computer aided review of measured and stored data about quenching conditions and obtained hardness on specimens of 50 mm Dia. Using the data bases of quenching conditions, hardness values of quenched specimens as well as the hardenability data of steels, the QPP software enables:

  1. selection of quenching conditions for particular steel, diameter and hardness required at critical point of the cross section,
  2. prediction of hardness distribution on the cross section for specified quenching conditions, steel grade and diameter (Dia. from 20 to 90 mm) of quenched part.

In the databeses of the latest QPP version are stored 53 combinations of test specimen quenching conditions measured data, Jominy hardness data of 8 tempering steels types. The quantity of data in databases may be further increased.

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