SYSWELD is a finite element (FEM) software that simulates all usual heat treatment processes like bulk hardening, surface hardening, tempering and hardening and tempering, as well as thermo-chemical treatment like case hardening, carbonitriding, nitriding and nitrocarburising.

The software computes distortions of parts, residual stresses, plastic strains and the yield strength depending on the mixture of phases of the material in use, during and at the end of the heat treatment process, plus the hardness at the end of the process. Main results obtained after a heat treatment simulation includes temperature field and thermal flux, phase proportions, hardness, distortions, stresses, plastic strains, yield stress, etc. SYSWELD enables the coupled modeling of complex physical phenomena such as electromagnetism, heat transfer, diffusion and precipitations of chemical elements, phase transformations and mechanics (Fig.1).

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Figure 1. Main physical phenomena included in SYSWELD