Computer modelling to predict hardenability of steels for automobile components

T. Inoue:

Proceedings of the 8th Seminar of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering , IFHTSE 2001, Dubrovnik- Cavtat, Croatia, 12 – 14 September 2001.

Hardenability is one of the most important properties of steels especially for those used as vital parts of automobile components. For this reason, steel producers are required to supply narrower hardenability range steels and component manufacturers are requested a strict quality management in the heat treatment processes. In addition to that, a strong demand for a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system arises in the heat treatment industry due to a recent shortage of skilled laborers. In order to meet both requirements of steel producers and component manufacturers, a simple and accurate computer prediction system of steel hardenability is desired.  In this study a new mathematical formula is proposed to represent Jominy hardenability curves. Using the new formula, statistical analyses are carried out to obtain a good approximation over wide ranges of chemical compositions of steels. The multiple regression analyses are made for over hundred steels mainly used for automobile components included in Japanese JIS and American SAE standards. A computer program to predict Jominy curves of these steels has been developed with a satisfying level of accuracy.

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