Modeling of incomplete transformation processes occurring in steels

T. Réti, M. Réger:

Proceedings of the 8th Seminar of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering , IFHTSE 2001, Dubrovnik- Cavtat, Croatia, 12 – 14 September 2001.

A phenomenological kinetic model has been developed for the prediction of non-isothermal reversible and/or irreversible incomplete transformations in steels. The theoretical basis of the proposed method has its origin in a possible extension of the traditional Austin-Rickett kinetic differential equation. To critically assess the applicability of the model, a number of stepped-isothermal tests and experiments based on computer simulations have been performed to predict the austenite/ferrite proeutectoid transformation in the temperature range of Ae1 to Ae3 on plain carbon hypoeutectoid steels.
A comparison with published experimental data has verified that the model developed is reasonable both quantitatively and with respect to well-established trends. Extension of the method of prediction appears promising when the non-isothermal reactions occurring during heat treatment (such as carbide precipitation and dissolution) can be assumed to proceed in a reversible manner.

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