Recent development in heat treatment simulation DEFORM™-HT

E. Reiss, K. Arimoto, W. T. Wu:

Proceedings of the 8th Seminar of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering , IFHTSE 2001, Dubrovnik- Cavtat, Croatia, 12 – 14 September 2001.

Heat treating is one of the critical manufacturing processes that determines the quality of a product. Surface hardness, dimensional accuracy, residual stress, micro-structure, service life, etc., can be affected by the heat treating process.
In order to achieve a desirable combination of microstructure, mechanical properties, residual stresses and dimensional accuracy in the final product, a heat treating process that involves several heating and cooling cycles may be employed. Each cycle involves complex thermal boundary conditions (air/fan cooling, oil/water quenching, furnace/induction heating, etc.). The material responds to the complex thermal conditions at wide temperature ranges, and sometimes to chemical reactions (carburising and nitriding).  Designing a heat treatment process sequence is complex and has generally been done based on experience or trial and error.

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