The Application of Artificial Intelligence Method in Heat Treatment

T. Filetin, I. Žmak, D. Lisjak, D. Novak, D. Landek:
1st International conference on heat treatment and surface engineering of tools and dies, IFHTSE 2005 (08 – 11 June 2005, Pula, Croatia)

Over the past few years a detailed study of artificial neural network, genetic algorithm and programming, as well as the expert systems in predicting the steel properties and determination of heat treatment process parameters has been performed at the Department for Materials of FMENA. This paper presents the short overview of applied methods and results in predicting different properties of the heat treatable steels and process parameters. Based on known chemical composition an heat treatment condition the following properties has been predicted by means of neural  network: tempering curve of tool steels, coefficient of heat conductivity. The duration and surface hardness of gas and plasma nitriding has been also successfully determined using neural network. The genetic algorithm and genetic programming has been used for definition of the relations between different variables, for optimisation of neural network parameters, as well as for determination of carburising parameters. The expert system for selection of steel and surface modification treatment has been developed, which integrate the above-mentioned methods.
The results are encouraging and open the wide possibilities for further investigation in heat treatment and surface engineering technologies.

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