Darko Landek

Born 1970 in Bjelovar. Finished graduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. His Ph D. thesis entitled: “Models and Algorithms for Computer Designing of Induction Hardening”.
He is assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Department of Materials, Chair of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering.
Scientific and professional interests are in the following fields: induction hardening, modelling and simulation of heat treatment processes (Comsol Multiphysics and Sysweld packages), maraging and tool steels, deep-cryogenic treatment, distortion after heat treatment, high pressure gas quenching.
He is a member of: Croatian Society for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Croatian Society for Materials and Tribology, ASM Heat Treating Society.

Selected recent publication related to quenching and modelling:

  1. Cajner, F., Smoljan, B., Landek, D.: Computer simulation of induction hardening, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 157-158(2004), 55-60.
  2. Frerichs, F.; Landek, D.; Lübben, Th.; Hoffmann, F.; Zoch, H.-W.: Prediction of distortion of cylinders without phase transformation, Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 37(2006)1, 63-68
  3. Cajner, F., Leskovšek, V., Landek, D., Cajner, H: Effect of Deep-Cryogenic Treatment on High Speed Steel Properties, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Volume 24, Issue 7&8, July (2009) 743–746
  4. Landek, D., Lisjak, D., Frerichs, F., Lübben, Th., Hoffmann, F., Zoch, H.W.: Prediction of Unavoidable Distortions in Transformation – Free Cooling by a Newly Developed Dimensionless Model, Journal of Mechanical Engineering 55(2009)3, 191-198
  5. Landek, D., Liščić, B., Filetin, T., Lübben, Th.: End-quench hardenability test for gas quenched steels, Proceedings of Conference in honour of Prof. B. Liščić – New Challenges in Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, CSHTSE& IFHTSE, 09.-12. 06. 2009, Dubrovnik-Cavtat, 103-108

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Department of Materials
I. Lucica Street 5
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +38516168353
Fax. +38516157109
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