Tomislav Filetin

Born 1949 in Zagreb. Graduated in 1973, master of science degree in 1979 and the Ph.D. degree in 1986 all at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. He is Professor emeritus at the Department of Materials at the same Faculty. Scientific and professional interests are in the following fields: selection and optimal use of advanced materials and processes, simulation and modelling of material properties and the heat treatment processes, cellular materials-aluminium foams. He is author, co-author or editor of 14 books, of over 140 scientific and professional articles. He is collaborative member of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts and full member of Croatian Academy of Engineering.

Selected recent publications related to quenching and modelling:

  1. B. Liščić, T. Filetin: Computer-aided Determination of the Process Parameters for Hardening and Tempering Structural Steels, Heat Treatment of Metals, 3, 1987, p. 62‑66.
  2. B. Liščić, T. Filetin: Computer‑aided Evaluation of the Quenching Intensity and Prediction of Hardness Distribution, J. Heat Treating, Vol.5, No 2,1988, p. 115‑124.
  3. T. Filetin, B. Liščić, J. Galinec: Computer-aided Steel Selection, Advanced Materials & Processes 12/95, p. 36EE-36FF.
  4. T. Filetin, B. Liščić, J. Galinec: New Computer-aided Method for Steel Selection based on Hardenability, Heat Treatment of Metals, 1996, 3, p. 63-66.
  5. D. Novak, D. Lisjak, T. Filetin: Determination of Carburizing Parameters using Genetic Algorithms, Transactions of FAMENA (1333-1124),28 (2004)2, p. 11-18.
  6. T. Filetin, I. Žmak, D. Novak: Nitriding parameters analyzed by neural network and genetic algorithm, Journal de Physique IV France 120 – Proceedings of 2nd Inter. Conference on Thermal Process Modelling and Computer Simulation, Les Ulis, EDP Sciences, 2004, p. 355-362
  7. D. Gorscak, T. Filetin, D. Cackovic: Importance of selection of the tool steel grades and  PVD coatings in cold work tools, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 24, Issue 7-8, 2009, p. 828-831.
  8. D. Landek, B. Liščić, T. Filetin, T. Lübben, D. Lisjak: Hardenability testing and simulation of high pressure gas quenched steels, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 24, Issue 7-8, 2009, p. 868-872.

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